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Little Cabin Films

About Us

Here at the cabin we love what we do. We're storytellers and image makers by trade. Whether its that of a company or individual, we strive to tell authentic stories. From product videos to personal documentaries, we believe each project has its own voice and we tailor each of our productions to meet the needs of our clients and our creativity. Behind the scenes we are always working on passion projects. We produce and direct feature length and short documentaries that have screened both across the country and internationally. 

Our recent films include: Vannin', North Branch, Hill Climb, Sleeze Lake, & Trailgrooming. 

Nick and Andrew found their passion for filmmaking while making skate videos together as teenagers. This film was made possible with grant funding from the Chicago Filmmakers Digital Media Production Fund - 2017.

The Team

The People of Concrete Dreams

Andrew J. Morgan

Executive Producer/Camera

Mimi Wilcox
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