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THE SKATEPARK: Concrete Dreams

Concrete Dreams​ is a 3-part documentary series that follows suburban mother Paulina Jimenez, who dreams of funding a free public skatepark in her hometown Villa Park IL. The series follows the project’s struggles and triumphs over a decade from concept to its impact on the community.


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Episode Descriptions

Episode 1: Sk8, Motiv8, Activ8 – Struggles of a Suburban Skate Activist

Paulina Jimenez, Villa Park IL resident, artist and super-mom, becomes this Chicago suburbs most passionate yet unassuming skateboarding advocate.  With zero experience in municipal activism, she arms herself with the Tony Hawk Public Skatepark Development Guide and fervently rallies local skateboarders, businesses, and residents to support fundraising efforts for a new community skatepark.  Episode 1 of Concrete Dreams profiles Paulina as she enthusiastically navigates the often bumpy road of Village Board meetings, funding sources, and deadlines, all in an effort to create a safe space for her son and the community to skate.

Episode 2: Skatepark Civics 101 – Construction of Public Skateparks

Billy and Catherine, the husband and wife owners of Evergreen Skateparks, pride themselves on being skaters who build parks for the true love of skateboarding and with the passion to do it right.  Coming in at the lowest bid, Evergreen is awarded the Villa Park skatepark contract, but not without some major resistance from local unions. With fall quickly turning into winter and grant completion deadlines approaching, the Evergreen crew works swiftly and efficiently despite the challenges.  Episode 2 of Concrete Dreams breaks ground on the new skatepark and follows the concrete artisans as the contours and curves begin to take shape.

Episode 3: 360 Flip – The Ripple Effect of the Villa Park Skate Park

Five years after the grand opening of the Villa Park skatepark, the key contributors to the project reflect on how the new park has improved the community.  While the original organizers have grown up or moved on to different ventures, a new generation of park users have an equal appreciation for the safe, free and beautiful concrete sculpture that’s now a Village staple.  Episode 3 is an homage to Paulina, Evergreen, and the community as we witness the results of endless hours of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Thank you!


This film was made possible with grant funding from the Voaal Chicago Filmmakers Digital Media Production Fund - 2017.

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